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Make Your Listings Active in Matrix

As an agent and member of REIN, you play an integral role in getting new properties listed in the MLS. Agents do not need Listing Input rights to enter a listing in Matrix or Instanet, but you do need input rights to make the listing ACTIVE in the MLS.  After you complete a data input form, whether in Instanet or Matrix, you then save your listing as “incomplete”. At that point, someone in your office or firm with INPUT RIGHTS, meaning he/she can turn incomplete listings into active listings, will finalize the listing input process. A listing will not be available for other MLS members to search and view, nor will it be available on, until it’s made active in Matrix. Remember, your listing must be entered into, and made active in Matrix no later than the next business day from the List Date.

To gain Listing Input Rights, and be able to turn your incomplete listings into active listings, you will need authorization from your Broker. If you’re inputting listings for others in your office or firm, your Principal Broker can authorize input rights for you. If you’re inputting listings only for yourself, either your Principal Broker or Managing Broker will do. If your Broker agrees to give you input rights, he/she will complete a Broker Authorization for Licensed Personnel (BALP) form, and submit it to REIN’s Customer Service for processing.

After completing and submitting the BALP form, you can register for the Agent Listing Input Webinar. The webinar is a 1 hour and 45-minute deep dive into the listing input rules & forms, during which you will learn 2 pathways to entering listings into the MLS. Roughly 90 minutes after the webinar, your input rights will be activated.

If having input rights interests you, talk to your Broker. Click this link for a copy of the Broker Authorization for Licensed Personnel form. Have your Broker complete the form on your behalf and email or fax the completed form to REIN’s Customer Service at or (757) 531-7913. If you have questions, call (757) 531-7903 for assistance.