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Sign on the Dotted Line

You can’t sell a home without a signed contract. Instanet Solutions offers you a one-stop shop for creating and managing your forms and documents for property listings and purchases. While others may encourage the use of other document management programs like Dotloop or DocuSign, only Instanet is integrated with Matrix, your MLS system. When it comes to managing documents, one of the components of Instanet for which REIN receives the most support calls is Authentisign. With Authentisign, you can send all of your forms or documents to clients for electronic signatures. When creating a signing using Authentisign, there are 4 simple steps to follow in order to complete a signing successfully.

  • In Step 1, you can choose Sign-in Line if your signing participants need to sign in a specific order that you determine. Choose Simul-sign if it doesn’t matter what order your participants sign the documents.
  • In Step 2, choose your signing participants. If you chose Sign-in Line in Step 1, Step 2 is where you determine the order in which each participant will sign.
  • In Step 3, add your forms or documents that need signing. You can add multiple forms/documents to a signing, and you can determine the order in which those forms/documents are signed.  
  • In Step 4, add any mark-ups, signing blocks, initial blocks, text boxes, and the like to your forms/documents. Once you’ve completed Step 4, you then send the forms/documents to your participants who will receive an invitation to sign via email.

The signing process in Authentisign is not as complicated as it may seem, but it may take a few tries before you have the process down pat. If you’d like some additional guidance on how to use Authentisign, we have several helpful videos in the Online Learning section of, the links to which can be found below: 

Also, don’t forget REIN offers training on all our products to help you learn the ropes as quickly as possible. The training is already included in your dues, and there’s no limit to how many times you can take a class.

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