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Need More Space for Signatures?

As part of your REIN membership, your MLS makes available most of the forms and contracts you will need in order to conduct business. REIN forms will typically have enough signature spaces for 2 signers. You will find that for most of your clients, 2 signature spaces are all you need, whether for buyers or for sellers. But in the course of your real estate career, it is quite possible that you will get a property that is owned by more than 2 individuals. In the case of a property owned by a corporation, LLC or family trust, you could have multiple owners. Or, on the flip-side, you could have multiple buyers. So, when that happens, what can you do?

If you need to get multiple signatures for your contracts and forms, use the Additional Signature Page Addendum, or ASPA. The ASPA has 12 additional signature spaces available should you need them. And because it’s an addendum, the ASPA can be attached to any document for which you need additional signatures, whether for buyers or for sellers.

The addendum can be found on on the “Contracts & Forms” page. From the home page scroll down about 1/3 of the way down the page until you see the “REIN Forms” launch button. Clicking the “Launch” button will take you to the “Contracts & Forms” page on which you can find the ASPA under the heading, “Sales Contracts & Addenda”.

Grow with REIN, Additional signatures form, ASPA    Grow with REIN, Additional Signature Page Addendum

The electronic version of the addendum can easily be added to your transactions in Instanet when you’re ready to email the form to your clients to get electronic signatures.

For your convenience, click here for a PDF copy of the addendum.