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How to Manually Update your eKEY

Have you ever arrived to a showing only to find out your eKEY won’t update? In the event that your key cannot automatically update, you can manually obtain a code that updates your key for the day.

There are three ways to obtain an update code for your key:

  • Log in to your SupraWeb Account and select the “Update Code” option.
  • Call Supra’s KIMvoice number at 1-888-968-4032. You will be asked to enter your key serial number (found at the top of the screen within your eKEY app) and your 4-digit pin number.
  • Call REIN’s Customer Service Department at 757-531-7903 to receive a temporary code.

Once you have the code, click here for steps on how to update your eKEY:

  • In your eKEY app, tap on More > About eKEY APP > Emergency Update Code
  • Enter in the code and click Update
  • Once updated a Key Updated message will appear. Tap OK and your key is ready to use

If you tried to open your eKEY app and all you are getting is a circle that keeps going around on the display, then your phone is caught in a loop of trying to unsuccessfully update automatically.

  • iPhone users: Go into your phone’s settings, select eKEY and toggle off Cell Data
  • Android users: Go into your phone’s settings, select General > Application Manager > eKEY icon > Force Stop

Go back into the eKEY app and the spinning circle should be gone. Tap on More > About eKEY > scroll down to Emergency Update Code and enter the code you received. This should update the key for the day.

iPhone users: Don’t forget to go back into your phone settings to turn back on Cell Data.