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Forgot Your Password... Again?

The internet and social media have really changed how we stay connected and entertained. Billions have been drawn to the wonders of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Netflix. Chances are, you have an account with one or all of these services, and if that’s the case, you probably have more passwords than you know what to do with. It might be safe to say you’ve forgotten some of those passwords on more than one occasion. And you wouldn’t be alone. Everywhere you turn you’re asked to create a password for something: your bank account, your car insurance, your email account, on and on and on. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with them all. So, it’s no surprise that REIN’s Customer Service receives more than a few calls from members who’ve forgotten their passwords to

If this happens to you, and at some point it probably will, have no fear. There are some steps you can take to quickly reset your password and get on with your day. To reset your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link on to the right of the green Log In button:

Grow with REIN, resetting password

Next, you should see a box that looks something like the one below. Type in your REIN ID number...

Grow with REIN, reset password

...and click "Next" to receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Once you receive the email to reset your password, click the link in the email and follow the instructions. Your new password must be between 9-14 characters in length and must include at least one letter and either one number or symbol. Passwords cannot contain your first or last name, and you cannot reuse a previous password.

Check the email that your MLS has on file for you if you haven’t received an email to reset your password. Be sure to look in your spam or junk folder in the event the email might be there. If you have not received the email, and it’s not sitting in your junk or spam folder, click the “Try again” link on the page.

If you need some assistance with resetting your password, our Customer Service department will be happy to help. Just give us a call at 757-531-7903 or email us at