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Change is Good... and Easy with My REIN Account

As a newer member of REIN, you might have figured out by now that your MLS offers you a ton of resources to assist you with managing your business. In addition to tools like Matrix, Realist, Remine and others, you can find plenty of helpful resources on If you ever need to  update your personal information on file with REIN such as your mailing address, email address or phone numbers, or manage your billing options, view or pay invoices and register for classes, My REIN Account offers you a one-stop shop for doing all of those things and more.

Update Your Account

Go to My REIN Account to update your account information. To get there, click on the down-arrow next to your name at the top right corner of the page and select “My REIN Account”:

grow with REIN, Update My REIN Account

On the following page, you will see your current profile information to the very far left of the screen. To edit your account information, click on the "Edit" button as seen below:

Grow with REIN, update your profile

On the next page, you will see various editable text fields for your address, city, state, zip code, phone numbers and email address. Add or edit this information accordingly and click the green “Update” button at the bottom left of the page. Then you’re all set.

Connect with Other Members

Your My REIN Account also has a feature that allows you to search for other REIN members when you need to connect with someone. You already have this capability within Matrix, but the Connect feature in My REIN Account gives you another option that’s easily accessible without having to go to Matrix. To access it, click the “Connect” link at the top right of your My REIN Account page:

Grow with REIN, Connect with Other Members

On the next page, you can search for members by last name, office name, city and/or zip code. You can also search for member offices by name, city and/or zip code.

If you’d like some additional guidance on how to take advantage of My REIN Account’s capabilities, click on any of the videos below: