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The Hampton Roads Multiple Listing Service

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Remine Update Adds New Features

Remine launched an update on February 5th that provided some convenient new features.

Agent Facing Features:

  • All Carts - Easily access all carts at one time to view every property being tracked instead of having to go into each card individually.
  • Customize Reports - Agents now have the option to configure what they want to include in handouts to their clients. For example, they can remove AVMs or other report sections before sharing.
  • Agent Profile Page - Now with larger agent photo and tagline area.
  • Property Deeds and Plats - (COMING FEBRUARY 7) Ability to purchase property deeds for $7 or plats for $1.
  • For PRO Users only - Advanced Flood Zone Map will be available, providing more detail about flood zones within a single parcel.

Consumer Facing Features:

  • Chat with Agents - Consumers can Ask to Chat with the agent to whom they are connected via the agent profile page.
  • Add Co-Buyers - Clients can now add a co-buyer to the process, and all will be connected so they can collaborate with the agent and with each other within the Remine platform.

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