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6 Tips for a Successful Zoom

When Zoom is life and our old-school ways of presenting have gone out the window, we adapt. While Zoom may not be much different than any other online webinar you may have conducted in the past, the vibe is different and the pulse of your audience has changed. Thanks Coronavirus.

Here are 6 tips to a successful Zoom session:

  1.  Appearance Matters: If you look good, you’ll feel good. Studies show that confidence spikes when you feel like a million bucks! Get a nice shower and look presentable, even if it’s only from the waist up.
  2. Simple Background: When you are picking out your outfit, be sure not to blend in with your background template. If you don’t plan to use a background photo, keep any visible décor plain, simple and classy.
  3. Know Your Stuff: While presenting on Zoom may be different than an in-person presentation, you are still expected to be the expert of the topic you are speaking to. Practice your lines, review the facts, and have a printed copy of your presentation with notes in case technology fails you at the last minute.
  4. Adjust Your Viewpoint: Does this camera make me look fat? Why, yes… yes it can. It is recommended to have the camera eye level or raised slightly from your eye vantage point. If the camera is pointing up your nose or manifesting what appears to be a double chin, stack a few books under your laptop to raise the camera’s perspective.
  5. Clear Sound: Can you hear me now? If a big event is coming up, you MUST do a few run-throughs and allow time to make any necessary adjustments. If you are still having trouble, audio settings may need to be adjusted in your Zoom account. Be aware of background noise. It’s easy to forget that your microphone will pick up the softest of sounds. Headphones with mic pieces are a simple solution that can zero in and pick up just the sounds of your voice.
  6. Increase Engagement: Just like any presentation, it’s important to greet your guests as they arrive. This is a great time to break the ice and any nervous tension you may feel before your big event. Creating that sense of comfort will improve your meeting engagement and make for a fun atmosphere. If appropriate, leverage Zoom features like the whiteboard, polls, and annotation tools to make your presentation more interactive and interesting.

One of the many things we’ve learned and come to accept during the Coronavirus pandemic is the fast growth of telework and communication technology. Practice, adapt, and be the master of your own Zoom.