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New Live Stream Open House Field in Matrix

During these unprecedented times, with social distancing mandates and the public’s focus on staying safe from the Coronavirus, one of the real estate industry’s most valued traditions, the Open House, has taken a hit. For the safety of Sellers and Buyers alike, the practice of inviting multiple homebuyers to physically walk through your listings has been put on hold. But that doesn’t mean you can’t remotely LIVESTREAM an Open House during this time!

There are alternatives to inviting buyers to physically tour your listings. Livestreaming an Open House is a great way to showcase your listing, highlighting its features and benefits, all while being interactive and personal with the viewers. Just choose the platform that you are most comfortable with (Zoom, Facebook Live, Instagram, etc.) and schedule your Livestream Open House in Matrix.

REIN Makes It Easy

To help our members keep business moving, REIN and our MLS vendor (Corelogic) jumped into action to quickly add a new Live Stream Open House field in Matrix. You will find this new field in the current “Manage Open Houses” section. You don’t have to have listing input rights to schedule an Open House, but you do have to be the LA1 (Listing Agent 1).

  • Log into Matrix and click the Input tab
  • Select the listing from the dropdown Edit existing listings menu, or put in the ML# under Quick Modify and click Edit
  • Under Select Form, click the Open Houses link
  • Under Manage Open Houses, select your Open House Type:
  • “Public Live Stream” means your link will go out to all who can access the listing (via, Matrix Client Portal pages, broker websites, syndication sites, and agents searching the MLS)
  • “MLS Only Live Stream” means that your link will only be accessible to agents within the MLS (like a broker open house).
  • Add the information about the open house, keeping in mind the yellow fields are required
  • Copy/paste or type the URL link for your meeting platform or social media in the Live Stream Open House URL field
  • Click submit listing when done

Watch this tutorial on how to enter a Live Stream Open House.

Now all you need to do is be ready to meet your open house guests in the meeting room or on social media at the assigned time! Remember, the purpose of this is to be interactive, so greet guests as they join, walk them through the home as if they were there, and ask/answer questions from participants as they come up.

Added bonus! Your livestream can be recorded and saved as a video that you can later upload in Matrix as a branded or unbranded Virtual Tour!

For questions about how to schedule a Live Stream Open House, please contact REIN’s Product Support at (757) 531-7901 or