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Tips to Boost the Appeal of Your Listing Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are quite often the potential buyers’ first impression of your listing. And studies show that for consumers, the purchasing decision process starts at this first step. So how can you take your listing photos and/or videos up a notch? Here are a few tips if you are going the DIY route.

  • Staging: The key to selling the image is to make the consumer feel like they could live in your photo nearly as is. Who can imagine a room as theirs with someone else’s junk lying all over the place? Make sure rooms are clean and neat. Also, move furniture around as needed to make sure the space appears to be clutter-free.
  • Lighting: Being that you aren’t a professional photographer with a bunch of special lighting equipment, natural light is going to be your best source of light. Open blinds and curtains. Try to pick an overcast day instead of a sunny day to avoid harsh light. Also, pay attention to the way the home is facing and pick the time of day where the light is not as harsh.
  • Composition: Shoot horizontal, and as wide as you can to get as much of the room in the frame as possible. This helps the rooms to appear bigger. Shoot between eye and waist level to match how you would naturally view a room if you were doing a home tour. You don’t want too high, where you’re losing details in flooring, but also not too low, where you’re losing any details in the ceiling you want to highlight. Use your grid lines to make sure everything is straight and level. This is usually a feature you can find even in your smartphone’s camera settings.
  • Video: All points above apply to video but there are a few more tips you should consider when shooting video specifically. Video helps show the property at all angles where photography has its limits. It gives a comprehensive view of how the house flows from room to room. Aside from shooting at wide angles, you can also make a room appear bigger by creating foreground by walking through doorways. If you are taking on video by yourself, we do recommend finding some type of hand held stabilizer for your phone. This will give you smoother shots and reduce shaky footage.

Don’t forget about the outside of the home as well. Your exterior shot is just as important as the interior. Make sure the exterior is clear of clutter with no glaring repairs that may cost you the attention of the consumer. You can never have too many shots so make sure you take more than enough. Having more options will allow you to showcase the best features of the property. With these tips you can give your listing the boost that it needs and impress the right buyers.