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Mastering the Monthly Indicator Report in MarketStats

Stats and data can overwhelm us at times, whether you are the industry veteran or you’re the new agent in town. Luckily, REIN has provided you with a valuable tool that positions you ahead of the competition. MarketStats gives you in-depth statistics analysis right at your fingertips. The better you can understand your local markets the better you can help someone in finding their dream home.

Within your MarketStats toolbox you have what’s called FastStats. One of the most vital reports you have access to within FastStats is the Monthly Indicator report. Here’s how you can use it to master your market:

  • Essential details on page 1. Upon opening any month’s report, a substantial amount of powerful information is provided to you the very first page. The brief summary reviewing the state of the market on a national and local level, along with quick facts about the market will equip you with the answers to the top 3 questions you and your clients are wondering about. Find out about the state of sales, listing prices, and inventory all within your first glance of the report.
  • Impress at your next listing appointment. Use this 18-page report as part of your CMA presentation. With 11 different metrics covered in the report, you will position yourself as a local expert. You’re able to identify seasonality in how new listings, closed sales, and under contract listings are pacing. You can even find sales trends and make projections off of the data to predict what pricing will look like in the future.
  • Helps you understand the data. Find detailed descriptions of each metric under the headline on each page. You are even given the significance of the metric so you can properly analyze the data.
  • Combine this report with your Matrix CMA. Add the pages of this report as custom pages directly in Matrix for a more complete CMA. Use the Upload Custom Pages link in Matrix to add your report pages.

MarketStats makes mastering your market with the necessary data approachable. With this tool it’s easier for you to communicate market data to your customer in a way that’s digestible for the everyday consumer.