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Release, Relax, Recharge

While you’re taking care of business are you taking care of yourself? Part of being productive is making sure you are taking the necessary time to relax and recharge. The industry can be stressful, using up all your time and energy, but in the long run, you burning out could be detrimental to your business. Take time to schedule in some self-care into your week. Here’s how you can maintain the right energy and keep your business from suffering.

  1. Relax: Easier said than done, we know. In times of stress and tension you can unknowingly hold your breath, tense up your shoulders, clench your jaw and fists. Take time to step away and relax. Open your fist, drop your shoulders, and relax your jaw; take a deep breath and exhale. This can be a quiet moment at your desk or in the car, but this quick step back and minute of meditation can reset your mind and mood to refocus you on what really matters.
  2. Treat yourself: Take time out just for you. This industry can have your schedule packed from sun up to sun down. If you’re not out working current business, you’re probably out trying to gain new business. Schedule time just to unwind and treat yourself to some of the things you need and like to do. Creativity can’t flourish in a cluttered mind. So, to present your best self to your clients and the clients you hope to earn, make sure you take a little “me time.”
  3. Use your village: You know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child.” It applies in other areas as well. It takes a team of people working together to make businesses work. Don’t be afraid to use your team (co-workers, family, friends) and pull on your resources to get the help you need or delegate tasks. Lean on people you can trust so that the burden isn’t all on you, causing you to lose the steam you need to make it through the year.

While you’re writing up that business strategy for the New Year don’t forget to write down your self-care strategy as well. You know what you need to be your best self. Don’t sacrifice that for the sake of the business. By doing so you could be doing more damage in the long run than you think.