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The Hampton Roads Multiple Listing Service

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For every phishing scam that we learn about and try to inform our membership, 3 more pop up! Here's one that has been making the rounds recently...

The gist of the most recent scam is that the "broker" emails a request to the agent asking him/her to go out and purchase gift cards. The agent is then instructed to meet the broker at the office, outside of normal business hours, and the broker will reimburse the agent for the gift cards in cash at that time. In one instance of the scam, it was a male "broker" targeting female agents to meet at the office. Double trouble.

However, if you look closely at the alleged broker's email address, you will notice that while it is very similar to the real broker's email, it IS different, even if that difference is as subtle as one letter being added or deleted, or two transposed characters.

ALWAYS verify emailed requests involving money or personal safety via a phone call before acting on them - no matter WHO the email appears to be from.

While scammers continue to find creative ways to take advantage of all digital forms of communication, in-person verification (be it a phone call or face-to-face conversation) is still the best way to defeat these criminals. Stay vigilant, and stay safe!