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Reinvent the Closing Gift & Remain Memorable After the Deal is Done

The relationship between you and your client doesn’t end at the closing table. The best agents are just as present after the deal as they were during the buying or selling process. Thinking of ways to maintain that relationship with your clients in a fresh, new, memorable way can be challenging. While that nice bottle of wine might be well received after what could have been a long and stressful process, we want to give you a few outside-the-box ideas that will last long after that bottle of wine has been drained dry.

  • closing giftsMake the gift useful: Stay top of mind at all times by giving your client something they can use continuously in their new home. For example, did your client just buy a fixer upper and is now in need of a few tools? A nice tool set or painting gear will start them out on the right foot. They will think of you the next time they pull out that hammer or walk into that freshly painted living room you helped them complete.
  • Make it decorative: Was your client really into the farmhouse style when deciding on which house to buy? Gift them with a piece to add to their décor, something that can be featured in the new home. Not only will you come to mind when they enter that room but it could also be a great conversation starter for visiting guests.
  • Play to the client’s hobbies or interest: Does your client love gardening? Consider giving them some sort of garden décor or tool. Or maybe they are really into golfing. Present them with customized golf balls so they think of you while they’re out on the green. Pairing your gift with something they love only puts you in a better position to be memorable.
  • Gift them with a subscription service: We aren’t talking magazines here. Gift them a useful subscription service. That first day moving in can be chaotic. Take some of the stress away by providing your client with a cooking subscription service like HelloFresh so it’s one less thing they have to worry about for the next few days. Was your buyer’s pet a big consideration in the buying process? Appeal to their love for Fido with a BarkBox subscription.
  • Introduce them to local attractions: Maybe your client is moving to a new town. Help them get acquainted with their new community by paying for their membership to a local attraction. If they are into animals and have kids, a zoo membership may be right for them. Are they into the arts and history? Maybe a museum membership would be appreciated.

It’s a competitive industry that requires fresh ideas and reinventing some old ones. We hope that these suggestions get you thinking about new ways to be memorable and continue your relationships with your clients.