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New "For Rent" Indicator in Matrix

Have you done a search on active, residential listings and wondered if any of the homes listed in the results are ALSO available for rent? Until now, the only way to tell was to do a separate rental search using the same criteria. Key words here are, until now…

In October, REIN added an optional “FOR RENT” column to the results grid for active, residential searches in Matrix! Additionally, a FOR RENT icon will appear on any Agent Full report when the property is both for sale and for rent. It is now possible to see if FOR SALE listings are also FOR RENT at a glance!

Simply execute a Residential search as you usually do. From the Results screen:

  • Hover your mouse in the results grid header until you will see a cross looking icon with 4 arrows; click
  • Chose “Insert Column”
  • Select “Also for Rent/Sale”
  • Apply
  • A new column with the header “R/S” will be added to your results display; if any property is also available as a rental listing a small FOR RENT icon will appear in this column
  • You can save this display to use again in the future by clicking on the “Manage Display” icon and naming your Display

For Rent indicator

BONUS! A FOR SALE icon will appear in your rental search results if a rental listing is also available for sale.