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Chesapeake & Suffolk School Zone Changes

image of school zone map     

Chesapeake and Suffolk have announced school zone changes to take effect September 2018. Your listing's school zone may be vital to the success of your listing. Make sure you are paying attention to that field. What you should do:

  • As the Listing Agent, it is your responsibility to update listing information as soon as you become aware of changes to any field. 
  • Verify with the appropriate city which school zone the property will be in starting September 2018. Verify early to avoid issues.
  • If you (Listing Agent) know what will happen to the school boundaries for your listing, put it in Remarks now that the school zone may change effective September 2018, then update the listing once the change occurs.
  • Buyer Agents should double check the school information with their clients. It is the Buyer's responsibility to know what/where they are purchasing. Note - Paragraph 13 (SCHOOL REDISTRICTING) of the CDIF states: "All properties may be subject to school redistricting. A Buyer should contact the local school board to ascertain which school districts are assigned to a property in question."
  • Seek legal advice if needed.

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