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AuthentiSign Emails Not Going Through

Occasionally agents report difficulty sending AuthentiSign transactions to customers with GMAIL or other third party email providers (Cox, Hotmail, etc.). For better or worse, these email providers often block emails that they deem suspicious or as spam, even when they aren’t.

Here are a few things you can try to ensure your AuthentiSign emails go through…

  • Tell clients to always check their Spam or Junk folders for the email, and possibly clear their browser cache/cookies.
  • Agents and their clients should set the AuthentiSign sending email address as a “Safe Sender” within their individual systems.
  • Agents should double check if they set up the Signers in the transaction as “Sign In Line” or “Simul-Sign”; if they chose “Sign In Line” – check the status of the transaction to see where in the process it is; if Signer #1 has not completed signing the document, then Signer #2 will not get notification, and on down the line.