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A Checklist to Help Jumpstart a Great 2018

Many of us begin the New Year with a list of resolutions geared to improve our personal lives and foster business success. Here are a few checklist items to help you follow through on your real estate themed resolutions…

  1. Create a fresh, new CMA for your current listings and provide it to your clients.  Include MLS stats from the Matrix ‘Hit Counter’ to show how many times the property was emailed to prospects from the system, how many of those emails were opened, etc. Another great tool, create a customized statistics report for the property using MarketStats to share with the homeowner and potential home buyers.
  2. Take new exterior and interior photos of your listing. Doing this will help refresh your listing, removing holiday décor that may have been captured, therefore dating how long your listing has been on the market. Taking new photos also provides a chance to show off the property’s condition – highlighting recent repairs, updates, de-cluttering and such implemented by your client.
  3.  Pull together all your tax documents from the past year. For your convince, REIN offers access to your Invoice History through our membership program. 
  4. Review and update all of your social media accounts. These areas are often neglected, as folks just log in to see new notifications and posts, and forget to check the basic contact information such as photos, bio, credentials, etc. Login and freshen up so your followers can see the changes.
  5. Use Social Media to market your listings:
    1. Feature your listings on your social media outlets. When posting properties be sure to post only information that pertains to the home; remember you want your followers to be engaged.
    2. Post success stories about your clients’ home buying experience, as a “congratulations” statement or testimonial. A simple picture of a buyer holding keys on closing day is worth a thousand words.
  6.  Stay educated – Create a checklist of classes that you want to take in 2018, and set a goal to attend at least one class per month to freshen up your skills. In addition to continuing education classes offered by associations and other third parties, REIN offers a wide variety of classes on the products and services available through the MLS.
  7. Archive past years’ files – be they electronic or paper. Start the New Year fresh and uncluttered.
  8. Make sure your tech devices are all virus free and backed up.
  9. Send thank you cards to anyone that has helped you in the 2017 calendar year.
  10. Read or listen to a book that will give you pause and keeps you motivated throughout the year. 

Remember, setting goals and keeping the desired results in sight at all times helps with motivation and gives insight to what is working in your business and what might need your attention. Wishing you all a prosperous, healthy New Year!