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Supra eKEY Basic app is getting a new look for the New Year

What's New?

The Supra eKEY app has been redesigned with a modern look, a simpler interface, quicker access to common tasks, and the following additional improvements:

  • Interface designed to accommodate left-handed and right-handed users
  • Listing information is displayed after a keybox is opened
  • Showing details available in the app (previously only available to eKEY Professional subscribers)
  • Open keyboxes with your Apple Watch
  • Option to enter your PIN only once per day to obtain keys (requires device lock to be enabled)
  • Convenient Agent Alert - with the press of a button agents have a simple and discreet method to send an alert message to priority contacts
  • Optional extra layer of security by using your device's biometric scanner to open keyboxes
  • 30-digit numeric authorization code replaced with a simpler, more secure 10-digit alphanumeric authorization code

graphic highlighting the changes to the ekey basic app

Check out these resources for additional information:

The app update will be launched in a controlled rollout over a week's time, beginning December 19, 2018.

  • If your phone is set to automatically download app updates, no action is required.
  • If your phone does not automatically download updates, Supra will send the update notification to devices on a controlled rollout schedule. When your device has been notified, you will see an "update app" message on your device; at which time you can go into the app store to manually download the updated version of the eKEY app.