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The Hampton Roads Multiple Listing Service

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Instanet Updates

No More Auto-Populate Button in Instanet Forms

In the past, users had to click an "Auto-Populate" button to ensure that all changes updated throughout the forms within a Transaction. As of December 2018, forms now automatically populate without user effort. Changes should still first be made in the Contacts or the Details sections of a Transaction - once those changes have been saved, the forms will update.

Document Review Process Update Coming January 9

Starting January 9, 2019, REIN members will have access to one of the most requested updates to Instanet! Save time when reviewing Transactions by leveraging continuous scroll rather than flipping through a document one page at a time. This new feature includes:

  • The ability to scroll through a document to review rather than click on the next page number
  • The removal of the Next and Previous buttons; you will still be able to jump to specific page numbers if you wish
  • Page labels will now be formatted as Current Page/Total Pages