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The Hampton Roads Multiple Listing Service

Administrative Assistants

AssistantAdministrative Personnel

Administrative Personnel is a non-licensed person who works for the REIN Broker Member and will be accessing REIN's services and information on behalf of said Broker. All incoming Administrative Personnel are required to take a REIN Admin Orientation class and will be assigned their own REIN ID number.

To sign up, please submit an ID Assignment Form (ACC-1A) completed and signed by the Broker, and fax the document to 757.531.7913 or email to If the Admin is to be authorized for listing input, a Broker Authorization for Aministrative Personnel must also be completed, signed by the broker, and submitted to REIN for processing. Once the paperwork is received, a REIN Customer Service Representative will contact you to schedule a date and time for the Admin Orientation class.

Unlicensed Assistants

An Unlicensed Assistant is an individual who works for an Agent, and who:

(a) is solely acting to assist a licensed real estate agent in conducting his/her bona fide real estate business under the ongoing active supervision and control of said licensed real estate agent;

(b) is not accessing or using the REIN database on his or her own behalf, or on behalf of a third party (such as a real estate investor), other than as specifically directed and supervised by a licensed real estate agent; and

(c) will not perform any actions that require a real estate license under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Unlicensed Assistants must be assigned their own REIN ID #.

  • To receive their own REIN ID # - Complete and submit the ID Assignment Form (ACC-1A) and an Unlicensed Assistant Application. Costs include a one-time $50 application fee, and $94.50 quarterly fees, invoiced to the Agent.
  • All Unlicensed Assistants are required to attend an Agent Orientation class.
  • Fax the required documents to 757.531.7913 or email to Once the paperwork is received, a REIN Customer Service Representative will contact you with available dates and times for the Agent Orientation class. Note: If you do not hear from a Customer Service Representative within 2 business days, please contact REIN at 757.531.7903 to ensure your paperwork was received.
  • Limited key services are available to Unlicensed Assistants.

Licensed Assistants

Membership for Licensed Assistants is handled the same as Agent Membership. For information, refer to the Agent Membership page of our website.

Questions? Email REIN's Customer Service